Infintree - Giorgio Gomez

SLOW MO // Gio & Blurr from InfinitySURF on Vimeo.

Giorgio is a multi talented FREAK and that’s how we like it. One of the most stylish SUP surfers out there and quickly becoming one of the fastest on a race board too. Giorgio can mix it up on a shortboard on the WQS pro circuit as well.

Giorgio took first place at the Santa Cruz Paddlesurf event this year and was selected to represent Team USA at the ISA Paddle Games in Fiji. Don’t forget to look for Gio in this years performance SUP film “Progression Project”.

Insider Info
Home: Anna Maria Island, FL / San Clemente,

Surf Spot: Cloud Break / Salina Cruz

Food: Steak , Full Rack

Other Interests: photography, film, acting, tennis, soccer, farming hair, getting squirrelly