Infintree - Candice Appleby

Paddle Like a Freak // Candice Appleby from InfinitySURF on Vimeo

We like to call Candice Appleby the G.O.A.T. She’s a living legend in the sport of SUP and arguably the Greatest Of All Time.

One of the most decorated paddlers male or female Candice added to her illustrious career by having a monster 2015. Candice won the ISA World Title and helped bring home gold for team USA. Then she went undefeated in the SUWT season to seal the 2015 World Race Title before the year was over.

She started 2016 off with a bang taking 2nd at Carolina Cup and finishing the year with the overall title and Champion of the Pacific Paddle Games in a legendary final. At 30 years old Candice shows no signs of slowing down, still in her prime Candice sets the standard for women in the sport of SUP.

Insider Info
Home: San Clemente,

CA Surf Spot: San Onofre, Makaha

Food: Organic

Other Interests: Longboarding, Shortboarding, Prone Paddling, Fitness, Bikini Design